INIMIGO Stories - Polo Shirt

Do you know when was born the first polo shirt?

The polo shirt as we know it today was invented in the mid-1920s by Mr Rene Lacoste, an enterprising French tennis player who was looking for a comfortable alternative to the elegant.

The polo shirt has since become one of sportswear's greatest crossover hits, and a favourite of some the world's best-dressed men.

INIMIGO have a perfect polo shirt for all occasions! Since 2014, polos has been present in all collections. Our Fashion designers are searching to improve the details and innovate in design.



Mr. José and his team produce more than 27,000 embroideries annually at INIMIGO, innovating in techniques every collection. It stands out for its quality and efficiency!

Our creative director search for an excellence in the details! The polo’s accessories are created and developed in our own production, inspired by theme of the collection and embroidered by hand.





A classic collection developed in mercerized cotton jersey and piquet. It is a collection of permanent articles.

Design are inspired by global situation and brand's pathway. Through INC Jet technique, Mr. Rui print the allovers design on Polo Shirt.


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