INIMIGO Stories - Mrs. Rita

A story behind the brand...

INIMIGO was founded in 2013, it is a luxury clothing brand made in Portugal. INIMIGO is a strong word, it means Enemy in Portuguese language, and its connected with it’s slogan “No Enemies No Character”, in nowadays society, who have Character will create Enemies.


Production takes place at its own factory in Portugal and employ over 90 people. People like Mrs. Rita, work every day for you, to offer the best INIMIGO product. For example, she is responsible for embroidering INIMIGO logo engraved on a plate hand-stitched metal present in almost products.



INIMIGO´s clothing are hand crafted. All articles are made using the finest raw materials from around the world, sharp finishing’s, exotic decoration and techniques, which result in a very unique product.


Designed and manufactured in INIMIGO own factory in Portugal with highest standards in quality and responsibility. The raw materials of excellent quality are the priority of INIMIGO, such as the use of Supima cotton, cotton jersey and mercerized piquet, original leather and printing techniques by a combination between digital print and high density.